* The Pantani Affair
A dramatic re-telling of the final five years of the life of the Italian cycling champion and the controversial events surrounding his death.
crime, drama, biopic, foreignComing Soon
* Jelgava '94
Equal parts of coming of age and a portrait of the cultural chaos that reigned in former communist states during the ‘90s.  Based on the novel by Janis Jonevs - a winner of the European Union Prize for Literature in 2014.
coming-of-age, drama, comedy, foreignComing to Netflix (Europe) 3 December, 2022
* Green Sea
Anna, suffering from amnesia, starts a new life as a cook at a run-down seaside tavern, owned by Roula, an unpredictable loner. As she struggles to rebuild her past, her simple yet delicious food awakens memories for the regulars who, in turn, help her to reconnect with past. The story takes an unexpected turn when Roula discovers Anna’s true identity.
drama, foreignAngeliki PapouliaComing to Netflix (Europe) 2022
* My Husband's Lover
After their daughter discovers her father Pedro's his affair, his life without his lover becomes unbearable for everyone. Tired of her husband's depression, Joana asks her husband's lover to return to him. Life takes on a new path, and a turbulent journey of self-knowledge enriches the lives of all involved.
romantic comedy, foreignNetflix (Europe), 26 November 2022
* I Love You Heavenly
An unlikely love triangle between an artist in love, a girl from a shop window and a jealous knife thrower.
romantic comedy, foreignComing to Netflix (Europe) 3 December, 2022
* Cold November
Kosovo, 1990s: Fadili has an impossible choice: to choose between two wrongs.
drama, thriller, foreignComing to Netflix (Europe) 26 November, 2022